French & American Pastry

Located in Atlanta, Annette & Sumpter is a purveyor of
French and American desserts from Pâtissière Brandy Bart


Neither of Brandy Bart's grandmothers made a lot of sweets, nor were they from scratch... so there goes that line about spending hours in the kitchen making the perfect pie crust. One grandmother is a party animal, preferring a little drink of Chivas Regal on any given day while dancing to Stevie Wonder's greatest hits. The other loves to feed and clothe the masses using anything she has within her grasp, while singing melodies from days past never sitting still to leave anyone or anything unattended. Both of them prefer to stay busy, and both of them have an immense love of family and food. Here's where we find Brandy. 


The corner of Annette & Sumpter streets in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana was where most of her days were spent during childhood, those formative duckling years that mold the human perspective.  The smell of chopped fresh seasonings, and percolating chicory coffee permeate the walls of her most favorite place on Earth, the original Annette & Sumpter kitchen.

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